We offer small pet visits for a range of animals from rabbits and guinea pigs through to tortoise and giant snails.

We like to get to know your small animal, whether they are a chinchilla, rabbit or something more unusual like a hedgehog or lizard. Before we care for your pet we take all their details from you so we know what they like and dislike, if they have any medical conditions and how to keep them happy.

We love small furries, we have 4 ourselves. Over the years we have owned and cared for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, degus, hamsters, rats, tortoise and even an African Fat Tailed Gecko - we know and understand small animals.

We will keep you updated on Twitter and Facebook and via Whatsapp so you can see your pet is happy in our care.

pet care in your own home

Our small animal visit service means your pets surroundings remain the same eliminating stress for them, it also means they avoid any illness by moving them to a strange environment.

We can also look after pets on your small holding allowing you to go on holiday and not worry about your animals. We can visit your small animals once or twice a day, we will feed them, stroke them, change their water and clean them out.

We can let them out to play (if appropriate) we will tailor the service to your individual pets needs and your requirements.

If needed we can also pick up your post, water your plants, close and open the curtains and ensure your home is more secure.

pet taxi

Our trained teams can transport your pet in our custom modified vehicles, your pet will be safe in your usual carry box, they will have a comfy bed and plenty of room to sleep as well as access to fresh water and food or treats (if allowed)

This service is perfect for vet visits and vet referrals. You are welcome to come with your pet or we can collect them for you.


Please see our Facebook or Twitter pages for a full gallery

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A couple of our favourite lop earred!

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Miffy the chinchilla chewing and chewing!

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Totty the baby tortoise

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Cuteness overload!