Bluebell woodland

We're very fortunate around Coventry and Warwickshire to have some of the most beautiful bluebell walks around.

This morning our dog walking adventure saw us heading out to Millison's Wood on the outskirts of Meriden with our own mad Shih Tzu and a gorgeous Westie called Bob, now we knew about Millison's Wood the housing estate, common sense should have told us there was an actual wood but we discovered it by accident while walking across some fields

As you can imagine the wood is a place of natural beauty, however, now is the time to visit, the bluebells are out and it looks stunning. The path takes about 25 minutes to get round, it is signed all the way telling you about the woods, flowers and wildlife.

There are also bluebell walks in the woodland near Warwick University and Wainbody Wood which can be accessed off the Kenilworth Road.


Update: since writing this post we have been informed of a dog being shot in Millison Wood whilst out with its walker. Please either take extreme care or avoid in favour of an equally beautiful walk near Warwick University.


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