Our one hour dog walking services are our most popular. We are expanding across the area and now offer dog walking in Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington, Warwick Nuneaton, Bedworth, Daventry and Rugby.

So we can care for your dog correctly, we like to get to know your dog and all their quirks. Before we take your dog out, we offer a free consultation where we will take full details from you. The walker who comes out to meet you is the person who will be looking after your dog. We do not swap dogs around, only to cover holidays, and only after discussing it with you first.

It's helpful for us if you can tell us as all about your dog as an individual, so we know how to keep their tail wagging! We also need to know about any relevant medical conditions so we can adjust our care accordingly.

For the safety of your dogs and the security of your property, none of our vehicles have sign writing. Your animals are more important than our marketing.

We will keep you updated on Twitter and Facebook and via Whatsapp so you can see your dog is happy in our care.

Dog Walking

We walk dogs in small groups; we have a maximum of four dogs in a group at any single time. We feel larger groups do not allow us to give all the dogs in our care the attention they need. The safety of your dog is of paramount importance to us.

We recognise that each dog is an individual, as part of our consultation, we try to gauge the best group to walk your dog with. For example, we work to ensure we walk dogs with a similar temperament and energy level together. We know how intimated some smaller dogs can be by larger boisterous dogs and we consider that too, although it is not unusual to see us with a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, it's about the individual.

We have two group walk options. These can be for 30 or 60 minutes, using local fields, parks and woodland so your dog can have a good run, burn off some energy and stimulate their senses while interacting with the other dogs in the group and us.

We only walk dogs off leads with your permission, but only once we feel we have built a bond with them. Your pet's safety is our primary concern.

For the safety of your dogs and the security of your property, none of our vehicles have sign writing. Your animals are more important than our marketing.

Solo dog walks

We offer one to one walks; these are usually for more nervous dogs, dogs recovering from injury or elderly dogs who just want to stretch their legs, sniff some grass and have some fresh air and a gentle wander. Solo walks are available before 10.30am or after 2.30pm.

Puppy visits

We know they are cute and adorable but require a lot of love and attention. While you're at work, we will visit your new puppy to ensure they can maintain their routine. We can let them out in the garden to they can go to the toilet, we will clear up any accidents and change bedding if necessary, most importantly we can give them some playtime and love, so they don't miss you too much.

Dog visits

If your dog is old or recovering from an illness and you don't feel they want to walk far but would still like some company we will go in and visit them, give them a treat, administer any medication and give they have access to go to the toilet and a potter around the garden or the block.

We can sit with them, play with them and give them fuss and attention.

This service is not appropriate if you are going on holiday, dogs need company so we do not offer dog visits as an alternative to home boarding.


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