Shih Tzu Style!

As any dog owner will tell you, one of the best things about sharing your life with a daft hound is the daily laughter they bring into your life.

There is rarely a day goes by without them doing something they probably shouldn't!

Today was no exception, I took my own dog Tia on a walk with the lovely Collie Bree, she is a very calm, non-bouncy dog so a perfect companion for my little Shih Tzu, it was a beautiful day for us humans but a little warm for the dogs, we stopped for water but Tia thought she'd show Bree a better way to keep cool.

The process is very simple, find some muck, lie down and roll, roll and roll again. If dogs could speak she'd tell you how much she enjoyed her muck bath!

Thankfully, Bree decided not to copy and went for the more sensible bowl of water option.

Tia rolling


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