Have you ever thought about what would happen if your dog became ill or was involved in an accident and required a blood transfusion?


It's not something many of us give a second thought to until we are in that heartwrenching situation. It's then it dawns, and you realise for your dog to have a blood transfusion, someone else's dog must have donated the blood.


We're all well aware of the importance for humans to donate blood, but actually, it's equally as important for our canine friends.


Thankfully, there's a fabulous charity called PetBloodBankUK that manages a national network to ensure the supply and demand of blood for poorly pooches is readily available for when they are needed by the vets caring for our pets. It's vital for the work they do that more owners allow their dogs to donate blood. It could literally save a life.


To see if your dog is eligible and to find your nearest blood session locator, please see the PetBloodBank website.

Dogs Blood Banks


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