saving dogs from puppy farmers

We are genuinely committed to the care and welfare of animals. We do like to give something back, so off we went again to one of our favourite dog rescue centres, Many Tears.

They rescue and rehome over 2,000 dogs a year, they run the largest dog fostering network in the UK to ensure the dogs have the best chance of rehabilitation. They do not receive any funding and cannot afford the PR and marketing of the bigger organisations like the RSPCA and Dogs Trust.

Many of the dogs in their care have been neglected or abused; they rescue dogs who are on death row or about to be shot by puppy farmers as they cannot be sold. I have been there when they have taken calls to save a dog's life with minutes to spare.

We were really fortunate to be able to help out sitting with the nervous dogs, playing in the sand school and walking the mad hounds. We also took the donations of towels, food and toys from our generous customers and also local businesses who continue to help us support these lovely dogs needing homes.

Whenever we go there is always one dog that steals our heart, this time it was little Peaches. If you like to offer her a home please click on her photo below. As you can see, she likes to dig!



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Winter knitwear

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Sniffing about

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Happy hounds (well two of them!)

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Chinchilla time